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When I brought Marco home last week( he is a two year old GSD) he did similar with our 4 year son. They were out in the yard with our other two kids and everything was fine. Suddenly he jumped on Elijah and pushed him down, then he stood on top of him. I pulled him off very firmly, but not aggressively if that makes sense. I then held marco by his collar and had my son come and pet him just to help him learn that marco was not a mean dog. Later on after he had shook it off better, I led marco around the yard making him heel beside me, stopping and making him sit and walking when I wanted. After a little while of this, I had my son step in while I supervised. Within a few minutes he was leading marco around by hisself with no issues. Not sure if this will work with younger dogs though, but it is just my experience(which is very little).
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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