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Maya nips at my son when she feels he is in danger.

For example, if my son gets too close to the edge of the pool Maya will try and nip his arm that closest to the pool. We, of course tell her to be "easy around the baby". My son is 4 years old but that is the command we have always used and the command she responds to.

Maya is very protective of my son and would only nip at him if he were hurting her (unintentionally) or if she thought he was in danger.

She has even nipped my husband and myself if we are going to jump into the pool. She just does not want us doing it.

Maya has no issue getting into the water and knows there is no danger but like I said before, she just worries about us.

I would teach the puppy a command when "nipping" and stick with using it. In our case it was "be easy around the babies". Or "easy" if she was nipping one of us.

I have heard and read that this is a shepherd natural instinct in herding and when hearding a flock they nip the sheep to keep them herded. This is just what I read, I guess we are her sheep because if she feels we are in danger she will nip us.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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