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Puppy Mouthing My kids

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So I have a 12 week old GSD female. She is a great dog and she knows not to mouth / bite me for the most part. I have a 1 year old daughter that at time she will leap at her and mouth/bite her arm. She will do this with my 3 year old son too.

I understand that she probably thinks my 2 young kids are like another puppy and is just playing with them like she would be another pup. Basically I have been just keeping treats in my pocket and redirecting her as needed. We also take her for a long walk and she is tired enough were she ignores them.

Does anyone else have any other ideas for redirecting her when this happens. Thanks in advance.
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Watching... i have a 2 year old and my puppy comes home this weekend :lurking:
Stay consistent. Stick a toy in her mouth and then play with her and the toy. Keep teaching her the right way to engage in play and what is appropriate and what isn't. This can take months. While you're working at this spraying bitter apple on your toys..I mean body parts may help.

Have you read teaching bite inhibition thread in the puppy section?
Thanks for the article heads up, I will start reading them now
i have a 3 year old and an 18 month old. I understand!!! lol. Shasta doesnt bite/nip so much anymore. You can also try leash corrections. You start with the tether method and when she goes to nip, bite or jump on, give a quick snap of the leash and say firmly No bite! or No Jump! This will also help with when they're older and start jumping on everyone lol. That worked for us. Good luck!!
When I brought Marco home last week( he is a two year old GSD) he did similar with our 4 year son. They were out in the yard with our other two kids and everything was fine. Suddenly he jumped on Elijah and pushed him down, then he stood on top of him. I pulled him off very firmly, but not aggressively if that makes sense. I then held marco by his collar and had my son come and pet him just to help him learn that marco was not a mean dog. Later on after he had shook it off better, I led marco around the yard making him heel beside me, stopping and making him sit and walking when I wanted. After a little while of this, I had my son step in while I supervised. Within a few minutes he was leading marco around by hisself with no issues. Not sure if this will work with younger dogs though, but it is just my experience(which is very little).
that's what pups do. children seem extra
yummy. keep an eye on the pup and the children.
your pup will grow out of the nipping. you have to
keep a watchfull eye and direct.
One of the many things that these little guys learn from their mother and sibs is the limitation on biting. However, that doesn't mean that they won't bite and nip at every chance (it's just so much fun). You have to be extra attentive with your young children. Never let them out of your sight and when & if your puppy gets even a bit mouthy, redirect him with a favorite toy or some sort of long lasting chewy.

:):) mean like this ? ;


Check out that photo carefully where the fangs are actually making an indent on Grace's leg ! Then check out her face ! :D

Karma is pretty good for the most part as she has been trained to leave it but occasionally I think Grace just looks too delicious . I just divert with a chew toy or giver her "time-out ! " and crate her but i must admit there have been moments when I have wanted to give her a bloody good smack on the snout for repeat offense !
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That looks like it hurts.

But it also looks like your puppy is adoring his little person.

I think handling it roughly could make the puppy afraid of the little person. But a consistant correction and redirection, Eh, no bite. Gentle with the baby. Here, chew on this -- squeak squeak."

Both of those babies are beautiful.
Karma is pretty good for the most part as she has been trained to leave it but occasionally I think Grace just looks too delicious.
Well Grace is pretty darn cute...who could resist?
Maya nips at my son when she feels he is in danger.

For example, if my son gets too close to the edge of the pool Maya will try and nip his arm that closest to the pool. We, of course tell her to be "easy around the baby". My son is 4 years old but that is the command we have always used and the command she responds to.

Maya is very protective of my son and would only nip at him if he were hurting her (unintentionally) or if she thought he was in danger.

She has even nipped my husband and myself if we are going to jump into the pool. She just does not want us doing it.

Maya has no issue getting into the water and knows there is no danger but like I said before, she just worries about us.

I would teach the puppy a command when "nipping" and stick with using it. In our case it was "be easy around the babies". Or "easy" if she was nipping one of us.

I have heard and read that this is a shepherd natural instinct in herding and when hearding a flock they nip the sheep to keep them herded. This is just what I read, I guess we are her sheep because if she feels we are in danger she will nip us.
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I am doing the tether method with Nyxie too - it's been working pretty well so far. She'll still jump up at Bianca but I tell her "off" and give her a tug to get her off. We are working on making her sit for Bianca to pet her - slow going so far!
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