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Puppy Love, does it last

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I own my first purebred GSD, a male named Finzel, he is 7 months old today, he is 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs 80 pounds. HE IS A BIG DOG already, he is not a king or a shilo, i know his parents and there parents. He's just gonna be a big boy.
That said, he is the most loveing and attentive dog i have ever owed, he sleeps with me and hangs out with me, is very biddable and does the things i tell him to do. His training is moving along nicley, as heal with and automatic sit, sitand stays when told and will stand and stay on the run. I can glance at him when i throw his toyand he wont move until i release him. We go out and train everyday, or at least take a long walk/jog to the lake and then finzel gets a good swim in and then we finnish out joggiing.
Finzel is gentle with other dogs and loves people, is very gentle with my cat and shows no interest in my cockatiel either although i do think he wants to sniff its butt, that freaks the bird out so i dont think its gonna happen. He is never destructive in the house and seems ready to do whatever i want to teach him, he is a sponge wanting more and more to learn from. Finzel is the sweetest dog i have ever known, im just afraid it will end. Im selfish and i want him to stay the nice happy go lucky puppy that he is..forever, he loves kids, people, even the mailman and lawn service, i just dont want to wake up from this dream with a GSD at someones throat, i love him so much, can i expext him to keep his wanderful temperment. Also, the time is apon me to make a choice i dont want to make, to nutuer or not, i know the risks and beifits and can preach them with the best but this puppy is SO sweet i dont want to change his personality so any advice on that would be appreciated to..thanks in advance...Joe

PS, this being my first GSD and have a **** good one my main concern is doing right by the dog, i want him to have a good life, live in a secure pack, be a productive member of our family yet be able to be a dog.
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i doubt his temperment will change.
what does productive, be apart of the family
but still be a dog mean? what do you want your dog
to do?
I doubt puberty will change your dog's temperament. It sounds like you have done a wonderful job of socializing and training him. It will not hurt to wait a few more months to neuter, many people on this forum wait until a year or two old before neutering, to ensure that the dog's growth has stopped.

If you keep on as you are doing, training, exercising, socializing, I don't see why you would have any radical changes in your puppy's personality.

With Niko, hitting puberty only made him start marking a bit and there was a brief phase of humping Rosa (which we discouraged and the behavior stopped). After we had him neutered at 12 months old, he marks about half as often. Otherwise his personality is unchanged.
I do not think the personality will change. You have a well breed dog and have done a great job training and socializing. Keep up with what your doing and you should be good. As far as neuter I will wait til about 18 months. That is what my breeder recommends as by that time growth is complete.

You can also do some google research on how early neuter can affect growth plates. There is allot of info out there you just have to look. Make your own choice and do not let your vet talk you into it now if it does not make you comfortable.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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