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We got a 4 month old GSD mix less than a week ago, but we have some concerns about his behavior.
1. He has chosen one person to listen to, take commands from, etc. and completely ignores commands given by his other owner. He also cries and howls if his "selected" owner leaves the room for any amount of time, and there seems to be no way to console him. Both owners have treated him the exact same way from day one, neither has had "more time" with the puppy. We are very confused as to why he is so attached to one of us and not the other. We are currently trying the "two week shutdown", but it is very hard because he whines/barks in his crate all the time. Which brings me to...

2. Does anyone have any tips on how to get him to calm down in his crate? We give him things to do, a special "crate only" treat, and lots of positive reinforcement when he enters the crate. We don't know what his experiences in his previous home were with crate training, but with us, the crate has never been used for anything that should leave him feeling upset when he is in his crate.
We ignore the whining and howling and do not respond to it (in order to show him that barking does not get him what he wants), but he doesn't give up. It can take up to an hour to get him to calm down.

3. Has anyone done the two week shutdown? Has it worked for you? We are not completely isolating him-- he gets a few sessions in his crate every day (which he is not adapting well to), otherwise he is tied to either me or my boyfriend's waist at all times.
-With the 2 week shutdown, are we supposed to continue the beginning work we have started with basic commands, or wait until the two weeks is done to work on that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! We love him already but don't want complaints from neighbors about excessive (and very high pitched) barking at all hours, and we're confused and frustrated about him choosing one of us to listen to instead of being excited about both of us. :confused:
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