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Does he pee when they are outside, or are they just waiting 20 minutes and then coming back inside?

How much freedom does the pup have inside? Whatever it is, it should be further restricted, either by tethering with a leash or crating, or being in a small enclosed room and being watched like a hawk.

From the pup's perspective, perhaps these episodes look like this:

Mom takes me outside, which I like. But when I used to pee outside, she would take me right back in after I finished.

Now, I've figured out that if I hold it, and then pee inside, I get to go back out immediately!

Perhaps more outdoor play time? Perhaps stay out for an hour if you have to until the pup pees--and then treat and praise like crazy.

I don't think that carrying the pup in and out should be required. Put him on a leash and lead him in and out.

Tell your aunt I feel her pain. I'm housebreaking a 35-pound pup right now and we have to go down 3 flights of stairs to get outdoors...

This too shall pass.
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