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Puppy Housebreaking Issues (non-gsd)

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Hi Everyone,

My aunt has a 3.5 month old male golden retreiver named Seth. He is a very good boy except for one thing- housebreaking- and she doesn't know what to do.

She has had him for 2 months now and for the first 5 weeks he did very well with the housebreaking but for the past 2-3 weeks every time she brings him inside after taking him out to do his business, he comes in and pees on the floor. She is out there with him for more than just 5 mins, she is out there with him for atleast 20mins. He goes out regularly and is on a shedule. When he does come in and wet on the floor she tells him no and takes him right back outside. This isn't just happening once in a while it happens everytime. He has gone to the vet twice and nothing is wrong with him and he got a clean bill of health both times. The vet recommend putting him in his crate immeaditaley after coming in and then leave him there until he has to go potty, then take him out, and bring him back in and put him back in the crate. He is getting too big and heavy to be carrying in and out of the house. He does not potty in his crate. That is the only place he doesn't. His water intake is watched closely and he is praised when he does go outside. She doesn't want to have to crate him but right now she has too. Please if you have any advice. All suggestions welcome

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Puppy house training is so exhausting, that I do know. Is she reminding the pup to pee while outside with him? I know sometimes even as old as Elle is a GSD mix and 2 yrs old, still needs to be reminded to actually go pee when she's outside.

also, some of it might have to do with summisive peeing, which there is a thread about it. If that's what it is then more than likely the behavior will venetually stop and get better. Best wishes!
it is not submmisive peeing
Does he pee when they are outside, or are they just waiting 20 minutes and then coming back inside?

How much freedom does the pup have inside? Whatever it is, it should be further restricted, either by tethering with a leash or crating, or being in a small enclosed room and being watched like a hawk.

From the pup's perspective, perhaps these episodes look like this:

Mom takes me outside, which I like. But when I used to pee outside, she would take me right back in after I finished.

Now, I've figured out that if I hold it, and then pee inside, I get to go back out immediately!

Perhaps more outdoor play time? Perhaps stay out for an hour if you have to until the pup pees--and then treat and praise like crazy.

I don't think that carrying the pup in and out should be required. Put him on a leash and lead him in and out.

Tell your aunt I feel her pain. I'm housebreaking a 35-pound pup right now and we have to go down 3 flights of stairs to get outdoors...

This too shall pass.
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Dante is a double pee-er.
Most of the time he'll pee, then he has to check out his yard, then he pees again. Done that since I brought him home at 4.5 months.
This isn't marking I'm talking about, but actual peeing
Now of course, if for some reason he comes in without the second pee he has adult control of his bladder and doesn't pee in the house.
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