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so, we have been taking Odin to my wife's parents house to play with their giant malamute in hope of socializing them. this has gone fairly well, except for him getting stepped on last time while they were tearing around the back yard. last week they adopted another malamute from a rescue.

i guess in retrospect i maybe should have allowed the new dog and the old one more time to be used to each other before bringing a high energy puppy into the mix.

Anyway, odin apparently has more balls than brains, because he walked right up to this 130 LB malamute (the old one) and tries to pull a rawhide right out of his mouth. I guess the big dog had been feeling a bit overwhelmed with first the new dog getting into what he considered his space, then this puppy gets in his face. well he snapped right at Odins muzzle and got him on the left side. he was ok, but it sure freaked us out when we saw heard the big dog snarl and then odin is running away yelping with a little trail of blood behind him.

we cleaned him up, and he was sensibly shy the rest of the night. I just hope maybe this taught him to be a bit more circumspect about getting in other dogs space. sure freaked us out though
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