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puppy equipment

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I was trying to order a collar for my puppy I will be getting in two weeks. He will be 8 weeks old. I can't order it until I know the size of his neck. There is one size collar for 15"-18" inch neck and another size for 18"-26". Which size do I get?
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The 15-18 would be the best for an 8 week old puppy, but is still probably going to be a bit large. The 18-26 would be the right size for a full grown GSD.

Since pups grow so fast, I like to get the fully adjustable nylon collars. The ones with the slide buckle instead of regular tongue buckle with holes, that can be fully adjusted by several inches. Like these:

Then when the pup has grown to more or less full size, I'll get their "big dog" collar.
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I found a collar on Dr. Foster's web and there's one for 9"-13". Should I get that one or a little bigger and get the 14"-23"? I would like the collar to last a few weeks before I get another one. It's a snap collar that's adjustable. Here's the link
I think 9-13 will last you at least a few weeks
When I got brady I bought 14-23 and I couldn't put it on him for a while,
lucky my breeder sent him home with one
Similar question - what size harness should I be looking at for our puppy who will be 8 weeks when he comes home?
I do leather collars for puppies, have them custom made and they can last until they are 8-10 months old....if the end does not get chewed off LOL

As far as harnesses, I start pups in an adjustable nylon medium one which can be adjusted down pretty small, then at about 4 months they can fit into the working leather ones at their smallest point. (if you are talking about harnesses for schutzhund)

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