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Puppy does not like walks

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Hi, Ihave a 11 wk old pup that we have had since he was 8 wks. Duece so far is a great puppy. We just have a couple of issues I hoped to get advice on. First is walking. I started out taking him on very short walks and have gradually increased the distance. The last few days he has gotten to where he does not want to go. He pulls the entire time even with alot of encouragement and praise. As soon as we start back towards the house he walks perfectly until we get in sighting distance of house and then he pulls me to get there faster. It takes us about 5 minutes to get to yhe house from that point when it should only take maybe 1 minute because every time he pulls I stop till he stops then I praise and we continue. Nothing bad has ever happened on our walks so I am not real sure why he no longer likes them. My other prob is his biting. We have tried yelling ow! which he will stop momentarily but goes right back. Also tried firm shake on back of neck with firm "no biting", and lemon juice in mouth but nothing is working. Any advice would be great. Thanks
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Hopefully this is getting moved to the puppy section..... where you will find this is NOT an uncommon problem for our pups! has same issues....
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