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Quote:Dogs usually dig because they're bored. Yelling at them will not help. If she isn't left outside on her own then she can't dig! The best thing to do is to be sure your puppy is getting plenty of exercise and when you see her digging redirect to another activity or bring her in the house.
I love and agree with this advice. It works immediately. 100% of the time. And involves the purchase of no new items for the yard (like a sandbox).

When my pup is in the yard, so am I. So she can immediately LEARN not to dig cause I'm out there when she starts so I can give a 'real' correction (timing timing timing) and redirect her to something I do want her to do (come to me and get a treat? come to me and play ball? come to me and we are running around and playing?).

My 'yard' isn't in charge of my puppy. I am. So if I'm not there in the yard and it gets torn up, my fault (not the pups). Same with anything in the house. If the pup is in the basement alone, and eats the sofa, MY FAULT. They can't learn without us. And if we don't manage their environment to help them learn and do RIGHT, then they will do wrong!
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