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Hi all,
My daughter has Bearlas baby 1/2 sister, The problem is i got Bearla when she was approx 11 to 12 wks old, they got Misty at 6 months old. I had absolutely no problem housebreaking Bearla due to age and my own experience with GSD.

I have tried everything to help them housebreak this demon, and she just wont have anything to do with it. My son in law will take her for half hr walks
and she will hold it until they get home and in the house. He takes her right back out and places her poop where they want her to go, my daughter has experienced the same thing. So have i.

Despite praise, treats, etc and even taking her out with my daughters Chihuhua or out with Bearla and our pit, Misty just will not have anything to do with it. I think she spent alot of her time in the puppy barn or kennel where she was born, but our breeder did have her in the house alot so im at a loss. She actually holds it. If my daughter goes out, she breaks out of her kennel and will leave a path of destruction and poop everywhere.

Misty is starting obedience training tonight,
they are using parts of the amichen training and nilif but still this demon will go crazy unless her big sis
is there to keep her in line.

any advice?
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