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Our rescue dog, Kona, ended up getting Parvo. She came to us with it, but didn't show symptoms until 4 days after we got her. Kona had already had 2 sets of vaccinations. We took Kona out to many places during those first 3 days when she didn't seem sick and I still feel terrible that we could have unknowingly contaminated someone else's puppy. We got lucky, as she had great medical care and survived and is a normal, healthy dog, but she was very sick and it was a terrifying ordeal for her and our family.

Our new little guy, Thor, is not going out to many public places until has had all his puppy vaccinations. As far as socialization, he has been introduced to many of our family and friends' dogs and gets to explore our neighborhood, go for rides in the car, etc. Thor will start puppy classes at 12 weeks old and in the meantime we are working with him 2-3 times a day on the basics. I think if the obedience facility you are going to is clean and well-kept, you should be fine, but you just have to be aware that there is always a risk. I think I am overly cautious having lived through Kona's illness and not wanting to ever go through that again.
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