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I've taught puppy classes that allows puppies starting at 8 weeks old and never had an issue. What you should understand about Parvo is that it is everywhere and it is a very hardy virus. Puppies get parvo through feces to mouth contact and only through that. The reason it is so scary is that it requires very little virus to make a young puppy sick. Your puppy doesn't need to be exposed to other puppies to be exposed to parvo, he or you just need to walk some where were parvo infected feces had been. Most general cleaners/disinfectants don't kill parvo and it can live a very long time outdoors, long after infected feces have been removed.

An indoor training facility is probably less risky than most public areas because generally at indoor training facilities, any potty accidents are quickly cleaned and the area disinfected. So more important than the vaccine status of the other puppies is the cleanliness of the facility. Before my puppy classes, I used to mop the whole building with a parvocide disinfectant. I generally avoid pet stores until puppies have had at least 2 shots for this reason (or I carry them). Those big stores where people are coming and going are generally do not have their floors disinfected regularly and there are often things puppies want to eat laying around.
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