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Ok so im going to be getting a puppy in a couple of wks and was wondering if i pretty much have everything down of what i need to get let me know if i missed anything or if you would reccommend something to me.

Crate w/ dividers
Stainless steel dishes
6ft lead and one of those long leads u can use for recall
kong toys
tug toys
cleaning solution just in case something happends (what would you suggest)
baby gates?
doggy bed?
Good premium food i can do half kibble half raw with
a brush
Treats (hotdogs and anything else you think would help)
old blankets for the crate?
pooper scooper

Thats about all that i can think of right now cuz im kinda excited. if i missed anything or if you have some other suggestions let me know. Thanks!

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Great list!

The only other thing I can think of is an ID tag for his collar and definitely get a baby gate, I don't know how I would have gotten through puppy hood without one.

A doggy bed would be great - if you are able and have the space I would go ahead and get a large one that way he/she will grow into it. I remember I got Cooper a small one and he grew out of that real fast, but I also didn't have the space for a large bed since I lived in a one bedroom apartment at the time.

Congrats on your puppy!!

Oh, carpet cleaning solution - OXY carpet cleaner, it's in a blue squirt bottle. That stuff is wonderful. Oh, and you may want to get some Bitter Apple spray, for when the chewing begins!!

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Yep, looks like a good starter list. Trust me, you will make several visits to the pet store and spend hundreds more!!

For cleaning solution (and there is no "if" about needing it) be sure to get the type that truly eliminates the pet (urine) odor immedately. Otherwise the spot will be marked and get re-used.

Ditto on the patience!!

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Toys to keep the little alligator teeth off legs hands etc. Our baby comes home in 6 weeks and 1 day, I'm buying a little baby booda tug for each family member to keep in their pocket for those times when puppy has to chew.
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