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I appreciate your reluctance to go the strong-arm route. Of course you are stronger than a puppy but you are smart enough to figure out a GSD too. I would not be concerned that she would "retaliate" when she got older. Now, however, she might decide you were escalating the game and get even more bitey. The whole deal here is not to force the dog to do what you want but to get it to want to do what you want.

How about substituting something or going back to your earlier tactic but doing it consistently - that is consistently turning and walking away? I think consistency is the key here, not harder and harder confrontational tactics. I know it gets to be tiresome for you but it will also get tiresome and boring for the puppy!

BTW they DO get bigger. And you'll look back, really you will, with some fondness on the trials and tribulations of Ms. Shark.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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