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puppy biting my little girl

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My pup is going to be 12 weeks tomorrow, hes a pretty hyper pup and likes to play a lot but he bites really hard. Ive gotten him to stop biting me but he bites my little girl and he will bite her so hard she cries, i think its mostly he wants to play but she doesnt understand that she thinks hes just being mean and biting so she will try to hit him and it just gets him more excited and he bits more, how do i teach both of them that they need to play nice with eachother for him not to bit her like he does and to show her a good way she can play with him so its positive for her. Id really like them to be best friends, what are so good ways to teach them?
my little girl will be 3 in august.
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Biting is how he played with his littermates and he wants your DD to fill that roll. Get a rope tug or rubber ball on a string and have her keep it in her pocket. When he comes nipping, teach her to put the toy in his mouth.
great advice!!!
May I recommend an excellent book? I give this to all my puppy buyers who have children or grandchildren and a new puppy.

"Raising Puppies and Kids Together" A Guide for Parents" by Pia Silvani and Lynn Eckhardt. This is a wonderful comprehensive book that can be referred to over and over again.

Also at not yet 3 years of age your CHILD is still learning how to behave, so you really have 2 babies! Constant supervision, constant supervision. Little children can inflict just as much pain and suffering on the puppy as those little puppy teeth can inflict on the child.

Make sure the puppy has a "safe zone" that your child is not allowed to enter The Crate works great for that, make sure you have one and I'm sure you already have baby gates - they work for dogs too. Puppies when stressed from a child's demands will seek avoidance, be aware and teach the child that she must respect the puppy too and give it it's space and vice versa of course.

If puppy is biting and hanging on the most difficult thing to teach the child is to not pull away. Pulling away simply creates an increasingly aroused puppy who pulls even Harder in the opposite direction. You must teach the child to move into the puppy and place your (the adult who is supervising) hand around the muzzle of the puppy applying pressure (just like the momma dog would do to discipline) til the pup yelps and then I hold it just a moment longer to make my point and say "No bite" The puppy will release and it doesn't take long and they understand biting the child will not be acceptable. This does not involve hitting or truly hurting the dog but is discipline in a way it understands from its leaders.

Obedience puppy classes as soon as you can attend would also be highly recommended.

I cannot recommend this book more highly that I have suggested.
Good luck with your new puppy.
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thanks so much for all the great advice.
That is a great idea, to teach her how to redirect him. Also move her up in the pack. (With your help and supervision) have her give the pup water, food, let her help with training, walking, etc. you have to put her iin a position where he will look to her for things, just like he does for you. (I hope that makes sense)

Apollo is almost 10 weeks and he nips also. In addition to redirecting him, I have been teaching him to give kisses, (He will lick instead of bite) When he does this on his own I make a huge deal about the kisses. If he is coming at me and even opens him mouth I tell him no bite give kisses, and it works more times then not. If he does bite, I yelp, tell him no, etc. and will redirect or he will come back and give kisses to make it feel better.
These are all great ideas, i did try to apply pressure to his muzzle not enough to hurt him just enoght and he yelped and i told him no bite and he tried to bite me and barked at im not sure what to do in that case. I also have thought about having my daughter give him his food and so now i think thats what i will do from now on.

They are both onery but look how cute they are!

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aww, you really do have full hands, I was there 14 years ago. Enjoy this time and take lots of pics! Sweet daughter and pupper!
My pup gets nippy when he wants to play. Try playing a game of fetch, or walking him. I find that when he's playing or exercising he can't find the time to bite. If you can't do that, when he bites, get up and walk away and ignore him. Ignoring a pup is the worst thing in the puppy's mind that you can do to him.
Apollo will do the same thing and he gets the same response everytime. It will take a little time for the pup to figure out exactly what you expect of them, just make sure you are consistent how you handle the situation.
Any correction must be done repeatedly and consistently to get the desired result, especially when dealing with a new, young puppy.

It sounds like you have a feisty little one on your hands!

The muzzle correction will work. A more passive puppy would not have barked and nipped again. So in your case you must just do it again until puppy gets the point!
This would be the 3rd GSD that ive raised from a pup and is he definatly the most feisty yet! But then other times hes so very sweet and loving. I wont give up on the muzzle correction, ill keep on until we get it right.
Em I sympathize with you. Apollos is very feisty and stubborn. Exact opposite of Rocky.
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