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puppy and autistic daughter

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I just wanted to share this because to me it is amazing. We recently got a new puppy and from the beginning he has always been calmer around our daughter who has autism. She is not down with wild puppy behavoir and any time she has ever come in contact with rambunctious pups she runs. She likes calm which we knew when we got our new pup we would need to work alot on how his manners were around her. But the awesome thing is that Duece (our pup) was alot calmer around her from day one. Dont get me wrong he still acted like a wiggly, spastic puppy but it was 100 times calmer than with the rest of the family. And now she can come into the room and he doesnt spaz hardley at all. He still gets excited to see her but it's different than with the rest of us. Just thought that was pretty cool that he could tell that GOD made her differently.
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