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Puppy’s a puppy sized adventure dog!!!

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Puppy’s a puppy sized adventure dog!

he’s a puppy sized puppy, who is a dog that goes on puppy sized adventures!!!

To celebrate puppy being a puppy sized adventure dog, it’s time to sing the first few verses of “puppy, puppy!”

Puppy Puppy, I love you!
Your fur is so soft, (unlike your poo)
You nap during the day,
and sleep at night,
You run so fast;
You’re quite a sight!

puppy puppy, I love you!
You make some friends (and you lose a few)
You bark so loud,
it gives them a fright,
the tiny dogs,
that bark and bite!

puppy puppy, I love you!
You roam around, and listen on cue,
what shall we do ,
when we visit the zoo?
We’ve been up hills,
And looking for a lake,
On your birthday I will bake you a cake!

puppy’s just 9.5 months. But he’s shown such character. We’ve been accosted by street dogs on several occasions, and he always shows such bravery and cool headedness. I am so proud of him.
We’ve explored so much, and had so much fun.
He is also so smart, I remember several months ago, during one of his first walks… he noticed that the see-saw was shaped like two dogs… I had never noticed that despite passing by that park for years… only after looking closely I saw it…
He has this deep understanding of emotion. When I may be stern with someone for not doing their work properly, or with some company for messing up, he tries to calm me down by giving me a toy, or when he can tell I’m stressed he takes care of me.
But he can also tell when I identify a potential threat(there is some crime in my neighbourhood, so at times we need to be cautious) and immediately becomes alert. How he knows the difference in my emotions is beyond my comprehension.

I am very proud of him. I feel very lucky!
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