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Pup wants to chase cars!!!

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Deuce is just one surprise after another. On walks he used to stop and stare at cars going by. Now he appears to be far more intent on them and as they pass he tries to run after them.

I tell him "leave it" and have a firm hold on the leash, but at 11 weeks I'm not sure whether I am getting through to him. This gets worse day by day. I've never had a dog that chased cars or was anything but wary and respectful of them.

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Wow I have the reverse problem....
have the same problem here - when we're waiting at a road she sometimes pulls or even does a little 'air snap' at the cars as they go by - if anyone has advice I'd be very interested to hear it also as obviously this is a very worrying problem, I think it has something to do with high prey drive but I'm certainly no expert, however she does enjoy chasing anything that moves also including bikes and her favorite game is running for the ball and not necessarily giving it back!
i would wait on road walking. at 11 weeks old it might be a bit early, to many cars. i don't think they quite know how to handle all those fast things going by. i think it might be a bit overwhelming. maybe you should back up a bit. instead of road walking stand at the end of your driveway try and distract him from cars going by, get him to focus, or ignore. i would tire him out in the yard for now and slowly introduce him to the road in short doses. again making him sit and ignore/focus when a car goes by, and reward him w/food, etc.
there are alot of places you can work on the car issue without overwhelming. church parking lots, less busy places.

What works with us is an association I have built with the sound of the cars. When we are walking, and I hear a car coming, I tell Apollo or Zeus (whoever is with me) to sit - stay in the grass, everytime! Eventually, they start doing this on their own if you're consistent. Good luck, hope this helps!
Every time we walk next to cars I just wrap the leash around my hands a few times to make sure it is really tight. I think it is natural for dogs to want to see "who is faster." The thing is, even if they don't appear to like to chase cars, they might suddenly decide to do it one day and get hurt. So either way I think a tight leash is a good solution.
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