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Pumpkin for soft stool?

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I know I had read somewhere on this forum to feed your dog pumpkin for soft stool. Buddy has off again/on again soft poops and I would like to give pumpkin a try. But how much do I give him, and what kind? Do I give him pumpkin from a can? :help:
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I was always told pumpkin for upset stomach/soft stool also....from other dog people. When I asked my vet, they said pumpkin was used in the case of constipation which could CAUSE soft stool.
I was also always told Libby's canned pumpkin or the organic stuff you can find in dog stores. Have yet to use in any case...
Pumpkin helps diarrhea AND constipation. Use the canned plain pumpkin...NOT the pie filling with added sugar and spices. It can be found in any grocery store.

Works great...I always have it on hand (although there was a pumpkin shortage and it was hard to find for a while...I hear it's coming back now)

Just throw a heaping spoonful or so in.

It's healthy anyway...high in Vit. A...great source of fiber. Really you can just feed on a regular basis if you wanted to. Healthy..and keep them My dogs love it.
Thank you so much for the information!!
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