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I know most of you don't know me but I can't help but poke in on any conversation about fleas.

I use only Frontline Spray and keep it with me all the time. When I take a dog out of Rowan pound, it gets sprayed. I love this product because it is one bottle for dogs, cats, kittens, puppies. We have safely used this on 3 week old puppies and kittens at my vets. General dose is one spray per pound. Fleas and ticks begin to die immediately. It also treats lice. We find a lot of lice in Rowan.

For years I knew it would prevent sarcoptic mange since I use this on my own dogs. My dogs have been exposed and have never gotten it. Recently Frontline Spray was relabeled. It states on the bottle aids in control of sarcoptic mange infestation in dogs.
The spray is stored in the hair folicle instead of being stored in the oil glands of the animal. It seems safer to me that way since it is not deep in the tissues. The new label also says that Frontline Spray may control fleas for up to 90 days.

It really is an excellent product and is so much more economical in a multi animal household. I buy the large bottle for around $50 and it lasts me for months. I have 6 dogs and 8 cats...and absolutely no fleas. I only treat the dogs every other month and the cats every 3 months since they are strictly indoors.
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