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Originally Posted By: raysmomI've been transporting for about 4 years now and have driven probably a few hundred dogs altogether from shelters in various parts of the country, and I don't think I've had one with fleas! I've seen a few ticks, but so far, no flea trouble. Many of the transports have been for dogs going from rescue to their forever home, rather than directly from shelters, so that may explain part of it. But even with the dogs who have come directly from a shelter, I still haven't seen flea problems. Maybe shelters treat for fleas to some degree?

I do know that some transporters carry flea and tick mist/powder, but I've never done that.
With this number of dogs coming straight from shelters, you've had fleas, but just not seen them. Usually, transporters don't necessarily check because the transport is so tightly scheduled, but I guarantee you've had dogs with fleas in your car.

You should never see fleas on a dog going from rescue to its forever home, though.

For me, it depends on how long the dog is going to be with me, where he's going, if they're driving the dog crazy, etc. Before I treat any dog, though, I call the transport coordinator to make certain it's okay. Even then, I try to use only the lowest dose I need to under the circumstances. The risk in treating the dog is that he may end up overdosed on flea killer ... if the first transporter popped him with Capstar, the second (an hour later) sprayed him with topical and the third (an hour later) sprayed him again and the foster home gave him Frontline, the dog could end up with neurological effects from being overdosed.
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