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We are working on reactivity around other dogs and recall right now. Millie initially had some (I believe) fear-based barking when she was 9-11 weeks. That went away mostly after doggy daycare and she developmented more confidence with dogs. However she got into the habit of barking at other dogs out of frustration/excitement. I have been working very actively to prevent this from developing into a habit.

Yesterday, I was walking her when a snarling/barking chihuahua came out of nowhere and was lunging at her on the leash. Millie was calm and didn't bark, obeyed my "sit" and "down" commands while staring at the dog. The owner apologized profusely and dragged her little dog back into the apartment.

She's walked by huge dogs on a "heel" without barking today. People commented on how well behaved she was. Unfortunately, an off-leash Weimaraner ran up to her and she got started barking after they sniffed each other and she began to get ramped up anticipating play. She even recalled for my "come" command but unfortunately the other dog got between me and her before I could give her the treat. :rolleyes:

Another large labrador dragged his owner up to us when we were walking by and greeted her without permission. Millie sniffed him and didn't bark once.

I'm so proud of her for how far we've come. I've only learned about the importance of redirecting in the past 2 weeks.

She still barks if a large dog barks at her or a large dog stares her down for too long, but hey she's only 15 weeks old.
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