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proud of his young progress

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this could go under braggs but ill keep it at being a development. i dont kno how many of u saw the thread i posted awhile back about my mom haveing a puppy that was rescued from a dumpster. anyway she brought him over to my house for the first time and tyson was awesome. he was very playful, both of them. he didnt even mind him drinking out of his bowl, playing with his toys etc etc. he just drank and played along. i even had some food in his bowl that he didn't finish..yea my moms pup found it and tyson just sat there and waited for him to finish to play some more. this is progress considering when these two first met they were scrappin, they were not fond of eachother at all! i wish i had a video of them playin in the snow..halarious, tyson got his clumsy butt wooped by a pup smaller than him haha
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Thats wonderful progress for your puppy, congratulations. You simply must post some pics when they have another play date.
will do
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