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I'm proud of my babies. I have been teaching Jax to get a ball and bring it back to me. He caught on super fast. Kona didn't seem the least bit interested. I was sitting on the back porch with them yesterday and Jax was running around the back yard, looking up, then looking at me. He chases bugs in the grass all the time but never looks at me. Then it dawns on me. He want to play ball. I go get the ball and sure enough he gets all happy and runs around me. Kona just came and sat by me. I throw the ball a couple of times, Jaxs brings it back. Kona just sits. I decided to get her to get the ball. I hold Jax back and say, "Kona, go get the ball." Yea!!! She ran and got it and brought it back. We worked on both of them taking turns for over 30 minutes. We quit because I got tired. I am so proud.:D
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