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Protecting the lawn

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Is there anything you can recommend to protect the grass from turning brown where our dogs urinate. I wish they would both just use one spot. Since I haven't trained them to do that, I'm not surprised they don't.
Is there anything we can add to the grass to keep it looking healthy and green that is safe for the puppers? Thanks.
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I'd be curious to hear answers. I have a small boxwood bush that Max has murdered.

As far as the lawn, watering it down daily seems to help, but it's not convenient.
Putting down both lime and gypsum does help. Lime especially since it reduces acidity in the soil. But, it's not perfect which is why I just posted about making a potty area and training them to go there. I'm tired of fighting it.
Thanks. I'll have to try those out. We're not concerned about having a picture perfect back yard. We would just like to look a little better if possible. We have mandatory water restrictions in our area because of a drought. So when summer comes, our grass that isn't brown already will probably start dying.
Water. On the spot where they urinate.

Urine is high in nitrogen - which is a fertilizer. Too much nitrogen (fertilizer) 'burns' a lawn. You usually see really nice, thick grass on the outer edge of the burn spot.

You have two choices. Water the spot after they go or teach them to go in one spot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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