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Thanks for the help GSDBESTK9.

Elaine, what do you suggest I get then? Like I said I only own a prong collar and a british slip lead for quick late night/early morning potty breaks.
I don't have anything else...the flat collar he had as a puppy he has grown out of. He wears his prong anytime we leave the house and to OB class once a week.
I'd like to think eventually he will use a another collar of some sort, and I am visiting a few clubs to see if that's a fit for me. Two clubs around are 2+ hours drive so I am unsure if it's doable.
You should really have a back up collar when you use the prong just in case it breaks or comes apart. I use the prong but their tags are attached to a nylon collar.

Raven and my fosters only wear collars when we leave the house (prong & nylon) or if people are coming over (just nylon) so I can grab them quickly or in case someone doesn't close the door all the way.
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