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Problem with our bond, or just stressing over nothing?

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Good day all,

My dog; 5 month old GSD (Faust)

When I first got Faust, everything was great, and everything is still great, but I am starting to wonder if his current mood is simply his independence coming out (which would be fine), or if there is an issue with our ‘bond’. This is probably just a first time dog owner stressing over nothing.

Our training is 99% positive reinforcement, the only time he gets corrected is from biting (while playing/running with my g/f, he would jump up and bite her on the ass… that’s a no-no) – other than that, there is no physical corrections, so I don’t think I am being to ‘hard’.

When I call him, he comes. When I pet him, he just sits there, no tail wagging… when I stop petting him, he walks away, lays down. I am probably just anthropomorphizing, but he always looks ‘sad’. We go for daily walks, I take him off lease and we play… but he is just ‘blahh’.

He’s healthy.

Is this something to do with his development/personality? Will he grow out of it? Or is there something (specific) I can do to help reinforce our bond (if needed).

I can tell he is very independent and confident, which is what I wanted in a dog (and the breeder, who I trust) told me he was (before I even told her what I was looking for).

Thank you

** Because everyone likes pictures **

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Pups go through a fear phase at that age and may be more shy for a while. They also start to realize some of their capabilities and become more independent and life becomes more about what they want than what you want. Just be patient, he will most likely become more enthused to be with you soon.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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