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Asked question in Diet & Nutrition about getting good bact. back in guts after round of anti. Dog doesn't like yogurt. Folk there suggested probiotics. So found a mention here. So questions here:
1.What is name brand to look for in pet quality and/or human quality.
2. Do folks here have a preference
3. What size mg dosage to look for
4. How much and how often.
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I used a probiotic called PROBIOS in powder form while Kaizer was on antibiotics. I think it was 1-2 tsps.daily. Bought in store carrying horse, livestock goods. Talked to a couple of customers in the aisle near the PROBIOS and they use it all the time for their horses. Usually Kaizer would have the runs while on antibiotic but did not when using the PROBIOS.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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