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My puppy is slightly more than 9 weeks. He is a charm so far. We are working on him doing his business outside but living inside, and so far he is really good. His breeder was giving him Proplan Large Breed puppy (he is a fan of that and Nupec), he comes from a really small litter.

He is a charm of a puppy, but again, he was fed with Proplan and we wanted to change that. We live in Mexico, there is only one Petco in our state, and it opened last year. Other than that, we would not have much of a choice. We started making the change, mixing his food, thinking it would take a week as the lady at Petco told us. We decided for Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy, since the price is not as high as others, and they will have grain free options for his adult life. Anyway, he has not taken the change in a good light, his stools are not good, they are loose. His vet is giving him probiotics to help him out. But his vet is advising me to go back to Proplan (he sells it), claiming that grains such as yellow corn are not bad for dogs. He is an old school vet and freaked out when I suggested Raw food for later in his life.

Proplan has ashes, and yellow corn, and gluten, and I believe by-products flour as well. His stools with it smell as bad as the kibble itself. But I don't want him to lose weight or something. What do you guys think we should do? Will it be good enough to continue the transition to Blue Buffalo even slower? Or should we go back to Pro Plan and wait till we make the change in his diet when he is older?

Our local Petco also has Merrick but their puppy formula is for all breeds and grain free, I don't know if Grain free options are good for puppies that young. They also have Royal Canin, Whole Earth farms, and Hills. We did not know kibble was this complicated when we had our other dogs in the past, it was not something people regularly talked about, but now, just like with the food we eat we pay more attention to what the dog eats.
Also, another question I have is, since he did not have many siblings... Should we socialize him with other dogs already? Not like in the park or anything out there, but you know take him to a friend's house who has a healthy and vaccinated dog?
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