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Prayers, positive thoughts needed

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Please keep this pup in your thoughts and prayers. A newly rescued pup was going in for the last booster shot on Saturday, when she backed out of her collar when some guy approached her outside her car at the SPCA. The owners are from another town, and have to go here as this is where the adopted her from for the shots. She is barely 6 mos. and very shy and timid, especially with men. It is a high traffic area of town~ shopping area, and many neighborhoods and woods. The challenge of finding her is really going to be hard, as she is extremely timid. The owners have come everyday to look for her and are heartbroken! Please keep fingers crossed that Roxie will be returned. She is chipped, and whoever catches her will do the right thing and get her home. She is a beautiful long coat pup.
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What area?
Kalamazoo& Portage area, MI
Feel free to post her information in the lost and found section. There is also a sticky there with information on what to do if a dog is lost.

Not that it is going to help this poor baby right now-but when they get her back they might want to consider getting a martingale collar. I use them because the dogs can't back out of them if they are adjusted properly. has some nice examples
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I know my first thought was the collar. Hindsight is 20/20:(
Prayers and good thoughts for Roxie's safe return!
Keeping Roxie in my prayers and thoughts for her safe return, an that a
is watching over her!!!
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