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Sweet potatoes are ANTI-inflammatories. So they're excellent.

I think what we need to do is look at the food overall. Potatoes with fish like salmon (which is highly anti-inflammatory) is better. Potatoes with beef (which is has high inflammatory properties on its own), not good.

Grains have inflammatory properties: rice less than corn or wheat, but even rice isn't very good for dogs battling arthritis, allergies, congestive heart failure -- anything where inflammation may play a role.

It's a balancing act. There's no one perfect kibble out there. We've kind of kicked this around in the seniors forum. The one potato-free grain-free kibble is Instinct, but it's high in fat and protein, and has a high calcium load. That's not good for all dogs either.

Orijen Fish for some arthritic dogs is best. Instinct for others. Maybe other dogs work best on another grain-free option, like chicken or turkey. (Poultry is less inflammatory than beef or lamb). We have to look at all the ingredients. As always, it depends on your dog...
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