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Post neuter question

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Buddy was neutered last month, the surgery went fantastic, he has healed up beautifully. The only question I have is: Will his scrotum ever shrink up? He was 16 months when he was neutered and very well endowed. :eek: Does the sack shrink up? It's just hanging there now, which has to be annoying to him, and really doesn't look all that great.

Let me know what happened to your dogs post neuter, please. Please tell me it shrinks up some!!!!
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I've seen prosthetic testicles for dogs- maybe that's what they're for! I never could figure who would buy them.
I realize this doesn't help the original poster, sorry. But can you imagine the owner of a dog saying, "oh, don't worry, he won't mate with your dog, they're FAKE"

Lovemybuddy, wish I had an answer for you, unfortunately I don't because I fixed my male at 8 months just as they were beginning to drop. He just has a lil fur peach patch there now.
No, I am pretty sure they shrink. Niko had his done three months ago (he was a big boy too, according to our vet) and it's pretty much gone.
It takes quite a while, but it will eventually shrink up.
Good Karma and Elaine, thank you, that's exactly what I wanted to hear!!!:)

LeftyGinger, you're hilarious! I was actually thinking the same thing ~ can you imagine going to a dog park that only allows males who are neutered and having to explain away the implants? :laugh:

Stosh ~ I always wondered who would buy the prosthetic testicles, too. Definitely not me!! ;)

Thanks for the responses, guys!! I appreciate them!
I guess they're for guys who take their dogs to the park so they can say 'my dog's are bigger than your dog's".
I guess they're for guys who take their dogs to the park so they can say 'my dog's are bigger than your dog's".

:spittingcoffee::rofl: This thread just got comedy hijacked!!! "Oh no.... he wont mate with your dog... they're fake!" I think i would die laughing if i ever actually heard that!!!!
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