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Now this litter was intended to produce some next generation breeding stock for an autism service dog program but one little fellow is a bit to much of a pushy, tugging, biting sort of pup..nice little pup...only 6 weeks right now.

Any insights on the pedigree?
Saluda Ridge's ThunderMan

The parents are PennHip so not in the OFA database.

I have a video but it is uploading now. 13 minutes of just playing with the pup. He seems interactive, definitely hard, drives have not really come out and not developed any but he does like food, definitely likes a little tug and does not seem phased by much-likes food. This was his first real time away from the litter with complete strangers. Not a formal evaluation. A teammate who raised seeing eye dogs from pups is going to check him out this weekend. This is for a prospect for someone on my team.
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