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Warning this will be long and will involve detailed descriptions of poop but any insight and opinions would be very much appreciated as I am at a loss:

Little recap first. Back in March I took Koda, my 7 yr old GSD, to the vet for constant watery diarrhea that became bloody. She was diagnosed with Clostridial Colitis (sp?) and given 2 different antibiotics and we were told to give probiotics after those were through. The water fountain diarrhea ceased as did the blood for the most part but her stool never went back to normal. Since then it has gone from almost normal to soft serve and everything in between and has little bits of fresh blood sometimes. In one poop it can start out almost normal and then end as a different color soft serve. We even tried switching to a food with a different protein. Still no improvement.

Fast forward to last Friday. Having given it more than enough time to normalize with no results I decided to take Koda to my other vet. (first one was a city vet, second a country vet). This vet went over the results from the previous vet, did a physical exam, took stool and blood samples, and did a rectal exam. Prescribed different probiotics and sent blood out for a GI panel testing. Vet number 2 also recommended switching Koda to a food with "Hydrolyzed Protein" such as Royal Canin or Purina HA. I took the Probiotics but told them I was going to wait on the food switch til after we knew more because the recommended foods are very expensive compared to what I normally feed.

Fast forward again to today. I got the call from them with the GI test results. Everything looked pretty good except she is B12 deficient, indicating excessive bacteria or disease, but can be caused by a number of things. Such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, something in her diet, an allergy to animal proteins, and in rare cases a parasite called Heterobilharzia. Unfortunately that means that we are only slightly closer to figuring out what is wrong.

So I pretty much have two options and neither of them are necessarily cheap. Option 1 is to switch to the prescription food, B12 supplementation, and start trying to treat all of the possible causes and see if one works. Option 2 is to start B12 supplementation, switch foods, and go through more tests and procedures until we hopefully find the cause.

And despite all of this Koda has not acted any different than normal with the exception of the three days of explosive diarrhea that led to the first vet visit. She hasn't lost her appetite or had any changes in personality or energy levels the whole time.

I know this was long but if you read it all thank you! I have no idea what to do and any thoughts, suggestions, opinions, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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