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Portland Oregon to San Diego

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I recieved a GSD from a shelter in SW Washington, that has been starved almost to death. She weighs in at 40 lbs. Her weight should be 70 lbs. She is a living skeleton. She came from a breeder, and we were able to notify her of the condition of the dog. She would like her dog back, but a 17 hour one way trip is out of the question for me right now. I have to many rescue to take with me.

Is anyone here, planning a trip over spring break to this area?
She really needs to get to a place that some one can nurture her back to health. Please let me know if you can help!! I have had her to the vet, and she does not have any health issues other than the lack of diet to sustain her.
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I would hope the breeder would make the time to pick her up or least meet you half way. Poor dog. My heart goes out to her.

Can you PM me the breeder. I am in San Diego.
I am sending it now : )
The breeder has agreed that we can fly her.
Thank you!!
Great news, hope she arrives safely! Thanks for saving her from the shelter and contacting the breeder! It's nice when everyone does the right thing for the dog!
Cool!!!! So glad this gal will be back to a place where she can be safe again.
The breeder sent us a picture of the dog when she was purchased. She was a beautiful, adult, girl with ears up.

She is now so weak her ears are flat. I never imagined a GSD could survive at 40 lbs.

She is filling out already in the short time we have had her. I worry about her mental state.

I also worry these *** ***** will purchase again. They claimed they dumped her at the shelter, because they wanted a "show dog", and this dogs ears went down.

I am very happy that the breeders were on board with taking her back. A member here knows of them, and they seem like good people. Wish our girl a safe flight. I am trying to get her out this week : )
Oh so glad for a happy ending for this poor dog. Bless the breeder for taking back their little girl.
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