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Poor no name Momma in SC!

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Bump Up for mom and babies!
she looks so sad
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We will offer space if a rescue can help. This family needs all of us to work together-
I am a purebred GSD and had seven puppies on Easter Sunday. I am looking for a safe, dry place to raise my puppies, hopefully with a rescue or foster.
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I can donate to an approved rescue to help with the expenses of this momma and her puppies.

Please send me a PM if help is needed.
I can donate to an approved rescue group as well.
Up to the top!
poor mama.....
I will also chip in to help with this poor family!! Please PM me!! Any rescue has room? Can a rescue step up?
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Back to the top, Can anyone help this Mom and her seven babies.
poor mama....and pups...hope they find a home!
Does anyone know how much time this Mom and pups have at this facility?
Offer still stands-we want to help this Mom and puppies. Can we all work together to make this happen?
1 - 20 of 107 Posts
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