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Your story made me both laugh and cry. Oh my, the trauma she must have endured.

Reminds me of the first time I left my cat, Sunshine (She just recently died at the age of 21 years). It was my first year of college, and the first time I was away for 6 months. She may have thought I was permanently gone, too.

When I first came back, she was sound asleep on the back of the couch. I immediately went to her, and rested my head next to her. This woke her up in a rage! "How dare a stranger touch me!!" I imagine she was thinking. She jumped up, hissed, and fluffed up her hair to be standing on end. She whipped around and and went to scratch me across my face. But just as her nails touched my cheek, she realized who I was and retracted them so just the pads of her toes swept across my face. She then promptly started licking my face all over and purring profusely. It was quite a funny sight to see: a hair raised kitty puring abundantly.

The very first time I left her for a week, she was so happy to see me, she tried to get into the bathtub with me

Two weeks after I had gotten Taedyn, I had to go away on an emergency business trip for a week. She came with the person to pick me up at the airport, and she was so happy to see me she insisted on sitting on my lap the entire drive home!
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