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Poor Abused Crate Puppy

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I was sitting in the car waiting for Dad and Ozzy was being pitiful in his crate.

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such a sad sad face!! you mean mean mommy:)))
Awe so cute!
Awwww; poor puppy; I must be evil, because the third picture of that poor abused crate puppy; it made me chuckle... inside of course
how dare you abuse that sweet little puppy!!!! lol
He does look so unloved!!!!
He jumps right into my arms when I let him out of his crate in the car. Haha. He still knows he's loved. He's just pitiful when I make him stay in the big, bad crate during the ride. lol
Poor little doll baby!!! :(
Oh, where are those PETA people when you need them???

You evil person expecting that sweet little pup to be confined in that hard, cold, small, metal crate while you take him, against his will to wherever you want to go.

If we had our way, we would tie you up and drag you through the woods and leave you on an ant hill. Because that is effectively what you are subjecting the innocent animal to. the sounds and the sights and the movement of the car.

I hope that you are thoroughly nauseated now by being subjected to PETA insanity.

Really, those are great shots, and he is a cutie. Crate in car is best bet for his safety and your sanity.
Oh, Ozzy! Are those tears I see? Okay Konotashi, I'm headin' to Arizona to save that puppy!!! :)
What a face! So cute- love all of your pictures.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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