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poopey and the adults who clean it up

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With 2 dogs our yard is starting to look like we are holding a poopapalose concert
(from Comedian Ron White) not to mention our poor garbage man. Poop removal is becoming a full time job. I grab the scooper and my husband and son search out land mines like the they have military training. We are thinking about getting a waste removal system that gets put into the groung and breaks down the waste. Anyone else using a system like this and how is it working?
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It is working, but I can tell you... when you drop those poopies into the water and add the solvent stuff.. what ever it is called now.. it is NOT pleasant.. I am not sure if I would recommend it, but I have it.
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I have not used one but I have not heard good things about them.
I pick up poop 2 times a day with five dogs. Sometimes three!
I pick up poops once a day or once every other day. We have two dogs. They each poop 2-3 times a day. Luckily, they poop in certain spots so it's easy to find. We rent a HUGE property with a giant hard and a wooded area at the back. The landlords dump leaves and yard waste in one wooded area, so that's where we put the poops. It's not a true compost pile, b/c they have no intent of generating soil and reusing it, it's simply the designated spot for organic waste. Since are yard is so huge, no person or dog ever goes near the pile.

I also have never heard anyone who had the in-ground system and really thought it was worth it.
With eight dogs, I pick up once per day. But in the morning, after I clean the kennels (while they are eating in the house), I let them out individually and scoop their poop practically before it hits the ground. So they poo twice a day, but I pick it up right away, so most of the day their kennels are clean. They use the field in the morning and I pick it up when it happens so the field stays clear of it.

With a couple of poo-junkies looking for a fix, I have to be creative and constantly vigilent.
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