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Poo eater!!!!

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Oh my gosh!! Gunner poo'd earlier today and immediately turned around and started going to town eating it!
I don't know if its the food change (Pro Plan to Nutro) but yuck! Should I give him supplements or something? This is definitely not my first time around with a puppy but he's throwing new things at me that my other dogs didn't when they were puppies.. Help!
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Having the same problem here! Just makes me want to gag. I've tried Biotin - no success. Got "Forbid" from the vet - thought it was working (we're on day 3), but Sam started to eat it tonight. Luckily he dropped it and I got it picked up.

A friend knows a lady who swears by fig newton cookies. You give them 1 a day for 3 days. If that doesn't work, 2 a day for 3 more days. I'll try anything, so that's my next step. I patrol the back yard all the time, but geesh, sometimes you just miss a pile!
You can try feeding them a few pieces of pineapple. It is suppose to make the poop taste disgusting. It works for some dogs but not all.
Keep us updated if this works. Good Luck.
Keep them on a leash when you take them out, that way you are able to do an immediate correction (redirect and get them away from the poo!!) Ava did a few times as a puppy, it totally grossed me out, but she stopped pretty quickly. Just be vigilant, I think someone on another post said they get it from their momma's. The mom cleans their area to keep down bugs and such, so puppies pick it up too. Good luck!
I totally know what you are doing through. My puppy used to lick her poop, and I don't know which genius said the best way to stop them is to pick them up. I picked her up as soon as I saw her licking and held her in my arms to bring her back in to the house. As soon as she was held up she licked my face!!!!!!!! I was shocked and was like "You have got to be kidding me!!!"

One reason I think causing this behavior is the food. I used to give her Purina One Puppy Beef and she would lick her poop. Now I give her Canidae All life stages everything and she wouldn't go close to it.
He was on Pro Plan and I switched him over to Nutro like the rest of group but he started eating it after the switch and has runny poo. I'm taking him to the vet today for a look over and fecal exam.
I know this may sound odd, but if you miss a pile and the little pup loves poop, why not use it as a poop detector when scooping? Just a crazy and far fetched idea.
I had the same loose stool problem with my two guys when they were on 100% Nutro. I now fed them 50% Canidae ALS and 50% Nutro Small Bites. The Canidae corrected the problem with their stools and the Nutro still helps with their coats.
We just got back and the fecal showed tapeworms. We're deworming now and if needed, we'll give half and half or switch off Nutro all together.
I used a can of pumpkin pie filling. Used a just a bit in each of her meals and by the end of the can there was no more poo eating. No relapse, either.
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