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Take a look and see if any other forums might give you more specific (less general) information and help.

Examples: Hip X-rays, limping dogs, throwing up could all go to the health section
Dog barking at neighbors could go to behavior
A favorite video could go to favorite videos
Pictures in pictures
And so on

This will get you better answers, or the kind of input you want (awww, cute pup!).

List of forums:
Suggestion & Comment Box
Welcome to the GSD/FAQ's for the first time owner
Introductions & Welcome Mat
Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
Show Me Pictures
Monthly Photo Contest
Take a Poll
Current Dog Affairs
Favorite Links, Books and Videos!
Trading Post -> Non-Commercial Trades and Sales
General Information
Happy Birthday / Gotcha Day
In Loving Memory
Preparing to Say Good Bye
Events & Club Info
General Puppy Stuff
Choosing A Puppy
Training Our Puppy (basic)
Puppy Behavior
Feeding Our Puppy
Development & Socialization
Ears Up??????
Training Theory & Methods
How do I (teach my dog to)?
Equipment (how to use/where to find)
General Behavior
Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
Finding a Good Trainer
Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
Follow-up from
Rescue, Foster & Adoption Information (General)
Rescue Stories & Where are they now?
Rescue Transport. How YOU can HELP
Lost and Found
Health Issues
Diet & Nutrition
B.A.R.F./Raw Feeding
Basic Care
The Senior Dog
Holistic/Homeopathic Practices
Choosing A Breeder
Thinking About Becoming A Breeder?
Breeding - General
Bloodlines & Pedigrees
The Breed Standard
Genetic Issues
Critique My Dog
Breeder's Chat Place
Schutzhund/IPO Training
Other Protection Sports
Obedience & Rally
Showing (Conformation)
Miscellaneous Dog Sports
Club Info & Events Schedule
Working Dogs
Search & Rescue
Guide, Therapy & Service Dogs
K-9 Police & Protection Dogs
Military Dogs
Chat Room
Fun and Games Room
Web Board Testing


24,301 Posts
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I have locked some threads this morning that were in General Information with a hint as to where to re-post them. Thank you for doing that.

Faster to lock and post than to move a ton of posts out of general info to places where they will get better, more appropriate responses or where they belong so that people can find them when looking for information.

General information is for: "Topics that do not fit into any of the other categories."
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