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Hello everyone,
I recently went on business trip for a week and I had my parents babysit my 3 year old German Shepherd. However, when I went to pick him up today, I noticed that he was bleeding! (OMG!!!) I trimmed the part where it's bleeding and there's a patch of bald spot that has holes(??). Please refer to the attached pictures.

Can anyone tell me what they think it is or if their babies ever got this? I'm so scared, but the closest vet/emergency clinic is currently closed for today and I would have to travel about 2 hours to the next closest vet. He doesn't enjoy car rides and he'll just end up screaming, whining, and crawling into the driver's seat with me if I tried to take him that far. I've currently bathed him in mild soap, washed the infected area with mild soap and salt-water rinse, applied a bit of Neosporin, and patched the whole thing in bandage..

I understand that a majority of you will tell me to just take him to the vet that's 2 hours away, but I just wanted to ask on forum if anyone has any idea about what this is. Thank you in advance!!


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