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Please help! So frustrated.

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Hello all,

Wondering if you can help me please??.... I have a 13 week old German Shepherd male puppy named Bowser. He's a great dog, full of beans and never gets tired. I keep him out during the day (leaving the utility door open so he can go in and out whenever he wants to rest, but only the utility).

At night I try to bring him into the living room with us to relax with my me and my 2 housemates. My housemate has bought a toy terrier puppy too (complete house dog) and he is the same age as my GShepherd and we bought them at the same time, but all they seem to do is want to bite each other, and I can't seem to settle my German Shepherd down at all. :cry:He keeps jumping all over the place and people, and he is way too powerful for the toy puppy so they have to be seperated. I have had to put him back out to the utility most nights because he is incontrollable, which I hate doing because he is on his own all night then. When everyone has and the toy pup has left the room I can bring him in then and let him explore and he eventually settles into his bed, but he's not really learning anything this way.

I really don't want to have to leave him out all night as well as all day, so of anyone has any points please share them, as I'm very annoyed about the problem. It has got to the stage now where I get angry with him and shout at him (which is not helping him learn) but he just won't listen. I can only describe him as hyperactive haha!

Please help as I want him to be part of our household and be around people?? :help:

Thanks a lot.
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I agree, try and make some more time to exercise him. If Brody misses one of his walks or one of his play ball sessions...he is an absolute monster! I don't blame him though, he's a growing pup and has a lot of energy. If he can't get his energy out through playing/exercising...he's going to direct it somewhere your couch. Introduce him to playing ball with you. If they are out in the yard by themselves they run around for maybe 2 minutes. That's not exercise. My mom has a huge yard and just lets her GSD roam out there when my step dad can't play with him. She is wondering why her 2 year old who has had alot of training is till acting out...I always tell her, He NEEDS exercise. He's frustrated! People think that we shouldnt have our GSD, Brody, in our townhouse because we don't have a yard. I always tell them, I bet you 1000 bucks he gets more exercise and is more satisfied then someone who just lets their dog out in the backyard. We've found a field by our neighborhood that we bring him to twice a day and play ball with him for about 25 min each time, not to mention his 40 minute walk he gets with me during the late afternoon.
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13 weeks is such a baby. Why is the puppy sleeping apart from everyone? Can you get a crate and put him next to your bed? Or even a box? The puppy needs to spend time with you. A lot of time. If you feel like you've taken on too much, I hope you can place the puppy with a GSD rescue or in a home where the pup will get the interaction he so desperately needs.
If you're going to keep the puppy, I hope you plan to spend a lot more time with him and let him be in with everyone else. If you can't afford puppy classes, keep doing what you're doing -- digging for information on the Internet and work on training yourself. What's been happening, although you don't intend it, is cruel.
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