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Please help! So frustrated.

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Hello all,

Wondering if you can help me please??.... I have a 13 week old German Shepherd male puppy named Bowser. He's a great dog, full of beans and never gets tired. I keep him out during the day (leaving the utility door open so he can go in and out whenever he wants to rest, but only the utility).

At night I try to bring him into the living room with us to relax with my me and my 2 housemates. My housemate has bought a toy terrier puppy too (complete house dog) and he is the same age as my GShepherd and we bought them at the same time, but all they seem to do is want to bite each other, and I can't seem to settle my German Shepherd down at all. :cry:He keeps jumping all over the place and people, and he is way too powerful for the toy puppy so they have to be seperated. I have had to put him back out to the utility most nights because he is incontrollable, which I hate doing because he is on his own all night then. When everyone has and the toy pup has left the room I can bring him in then and let him explore and he eventually settles into his bed, but he's not really learning anything this way.

I really don't want to have to leave him out all night as well as all day, so of anyone has any points please share them, as I'm very annoyed about the problem. It has got to the stage now where I get angry with him and shout at him (which is not helping him learn) but he just won't listen. I can only describe him as hyperactive haha!

Please help as I want him to be part of our household and be around people?? :help:

Thanks a lot.
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He is 13 weeks old what do you expect??? First off it does not sound like he is getting any exercise or training if he is locked away all day and night. He has allot of energy to burn. Do you take him for walks or play time outside? Are you enrolled in a puppy class or doing any kind of training?

GSD require allot of work and yelling at him only makes you look like an unstable leader and believe me he will not listen. I know it is hard, we have all been there and we have all done it. They can try your patience for sure :wild:. Take some time and read through the puppy threads. There is allot of good information there.

Let us know what else you are doing for training and exercise so we can help.
i definatly need to work on this.... every time he grabs something he's not supposed to its SCOUT! but ive been trying my hardest to redirect him.. only problem is he gets redirected back to whatever he wasn't supposed to do LOL
It is hard and it is human nature. I have learned from been there done that it only makes things worse. Take a deep breath and count to 10, it works!
Leaving him outside all day and in the rain is bad for him! Then you bring him in and expect him to behave then lock him away in the utility. You do not have money for training. Why did you get a puppy??? As others have said he will not outgrow this but will get worse. Basically you will have a back yard dog who will be a terror because you have left him there and ignored him.

So here are your choices, bring him in, crate train him, socialize him by taking him as many places as you can. Start training him right now (you can do this yourself until you can afford to get into classes). Play with him! If you can not do these things then do him a big favor and find him a home and owner that will.

Sorry to be so blunt be it looks like you need to wake up and see that you are setting this pup up to fail. Do not make him another statistic that ends up at a shelter as a dog gone bad.
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