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please help me,advice needed

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first please forgive me for posting here,as i know this site is for gs.if you need to delete my post i will understand.i hold all of you in such high regard and respect,that i truely trust your advice. i have 3 dogs. cocoa , a 3 yr old male full blooded peckingese, about 14 lbs ,baby a 2 yr old boxer mix(resue from neglectful owner) she is about 75-85 lbs solid as a horse,lol, and i have mia a 1 yr old female shep/lab about 40 lbs( also a rescue so to speak).

I was told mia's parents were ,mother a full blooded yellow lab and dad was a full blooded GS.when i picked up mia,i also took her sister,the sister looked just like a gs and man her paws were huge.she went to a family friend,i could not leave her was a or else my mia was a challange and required alot of understanding and patience,and still does(all together another story) we were told the pups were 8 weeks old,however the vet estimated no more than 5- 6 weeks.i wonder if she has enough gs in her to make her ears stand up,because they do, it is so cute. i told you alittle about each dog so you know alittle of the background.

Anyhow,will start with my worst situation,cocoa my pek.i bought him when he was about 10 weeks he was the runt of the lit.he seemed to begin losing hair about 2 summers ago, he had bald spots but it would grow back.he was shaved down( only his back and tail,that is where he chewed the most) since then he has not ever fully gotten his coat back,only a thin layer.every spring/summer and into the beginning of fall he nearly goes bald from chewing himself,makes sores,his skin turns black and hard.he chews his,paws,his hind area and his tail.since day one he has had a oder ,almost like a musky smell.

i spoke with the previos owner very nice people ,my husband has know them forever .in the plant where my husband works they almost all have a pek from these people.anyhow the owner told me that cocoa's mother has the same smell and chews herself bald too.yet the father does not.we know some of the people whom have these peks from other litters,same parents just not cocoa's litter, there peks dont have this problem.before i bought cocoa he had the shots he needed and was deworned,the owner came to my house with cocoa and has called to check on him over the time i have had him.

anyhow my vet... from the first time i took him in for losing hair etc. treats cocoa for allergic ( spelled right?) to fleas and said one must have bitten him,well duh.he runs a fever and they do a anal gland expression( what is that for really,is it helpful) the anal ,god it stinks,lol. they give him 2 meds everytime.i have research and researched i know peks have skin/eye issues.i have researched mange,every skin condion i can find. in the winter he starts to get new hair,pretty soft hair ,it is thin as i said.i am at such a lose i have begun to give him vit.e tabs,very careful with those because they can cause lack of eatting,i also put vit . e lotion all over his back feet etc. now i have noticed he is losing hair around his eyes and his mouth,like under one check feels crusty( yes he is bathed,lol)he is going bald on his ears,his neck is so thin with hair that when he has a collar on you see nothing but skin.

i have tried everything i can,and have read.this dog is my baby,my heart,he is not happy medically,does that make sense?he is still a young dog,full of life,so loving----people are suggesting to put him down he looks that bad.I WILL NOT PUT HIM DOWN,NO CHANCE IN H>>>.(i just lost my beloved rocky last august and lost my mom to lung cancer 5 months ago.) i will NOT give up on cocoa( i could not safe rocky ,rip my doddle).cocoa does not see the same vet everytime,same location diff. docs,they all go by his charts.i have argued the point of mange..........maybe? they have not tested him,keep saying it is a flea issue.and because he is so bad,they advised not to do flea prevention this year---hello what the heck? i have contacted another vet , whom is willing to see cocoa,but can not see him until the beginning of august,i told them the facts and they were ...shocked at his treatment thus far.

i have now noticed my boxer mix has what appears to be little red bumps in her ears and has like circle shaped areas where she is chewing and losing hair,mia has the same thing ,but her worse area is like by her hinds legs ,the crease where her buttm eets her hips. mia has no smell,baby has a slight smell very faint,yet her ears stick.i have clears her ears and used mite med on her ,i got tiny little black things.i have noticed mia eats grass and throws up,right has been throwing up like a white film stuff every now and then.i bathe these dogs once a week.

i really do not want to take these dogs to my reg vet,just am not satisfied there,the new vet has agreed to see the other 2 dogs when she sees question is what am i looking at here,any ideals????can cocoa be saved/helped,i know it is hard to know until tests are taken etc. i will accept the harshness i may get here,if it means getting some helpful advice for my dogs. just know this they are loved so much,kept indoors,spoiled, and have been vetted.i stayed with my reg vet, because i was able to make payments there,not alot of vets like that here.(ohio) i spent the last year trying to take care of my family,my dying mother and have enough money for everything that was needed,it was ****. my mom lost her insurance and alot of things took a backseat to her needs.

all i am asking for is some advice,judge me if you want to,call me a bad pet owner,,,i know what i am and what we have gone through lately.i am now able to direct my full att. on getting my fur babies well and i pray we are able to.i cant lose them. thank you for any advice or suggestions .
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omg,i just realized how long that was.i am so sorry.
We had a couple Pekes when I was a kid, they're nice little dogs.

Wish I could give you some help, but IMHO you're making the right decision to get the second opinion especially if your current vet clinic is blowing off your requests for specific tests.

Have you had his thyroid checked?

What type of flea preventative are you using?

No need to apologize--and I don't think you'll get any harsh responses from anyone. It seems to me you've been doing everything you know how to help this little dog get healthy.

I think changing vets is a good idea and a step in the right direction. If nothing else, it will be a fresh perspective on the situation and he may have new ideas. If you don't feel like you were getting results or good attention from the other vet practice, it's time to move on and try something else.

Skin issues can be complicated--and it can be more than one thing that contributes to it. It could be a flea reaction...but the dog's diet might also might even be an allergy to something in the air like pollen or mold. These are all possibilities to talk to the new vet about.

There are also vet skin specialists. That might be a question to ask the new vet--if he/she knows of a specialist they could recommend if it is needed.

I think it will hard for us to offer much here except for moral support---but I think you'll get plenty of that. It's hard to diagnose things like this over the internet. Could you take a picture and post it? That might help some members here who have dealt with skin issues have a better idea.

At any rate, good luck and keep us posted. Even if this new vet can't cure your little girl, perhaps he can supress the symptoms enough to make her feel better and give her a better quality of life.
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Regarding the Peke, I saw something that might be similar. It turned out to be a hormone deficiency. They first started treating it with melatonin, lysodren and tomoxithin, and then the person didn't come back to the board. They were as frustrated as you trying to get it figured out. It was a Pom and the diagnosis was Adrenal Sex Hormone Imbalance, or Alypecia X

Believe it or not, Boxers have something similar that causes them to have flank alopecia.

They thyroid is a good place to start.

I would first start with what you are feeding them -- brand and version?
the vet does not want to give him flea prevention,because of the flea he has none,except what i can buy over the counter.
i change the food every other month to give them a change,we usually stick to kibble,ol'roy the round kind soft in the middle,or alpo.tried alot of the better foods and they did not respond to it well.
Originally Posted By: rocky1the vet does not want to give him flea prevention,because of the flea he has none,except what i can buy over the counter.
This makes no sense?

If you buy your own flea prevention, use Advantage or Frontline, as they have the least numbers of dogs that react negatively. They can be purchased online. That would be the first step.
Originally Posted By: rocky1 i change the food every other month to give them a change,we usually stick to kibble,ol'roy the round kind soft in the middle,or alpo.tried alot of the better foods and they did not respond to it well.
I think the food could be a huge part, if not all of your issue. These are pretty crummy foods, that don't provide a lot of nutrition. BUT, you'd never know that by the commercials and advertisements.

Are you willing to try some better foods?
Originally Posted By: LisaT
Originally Posted By: rocky1the vet does not want to give him flea prevention,because of the flea he has none,except what i can buy over the counter.
This makes no sense?

If you buy your own flea prevention, use Advantage or Frontline, as they have the least numbers of dogs that react negatively. They can be purchased online. That would be the first step.
I was going to ask the same question, it doesn't seem logical. If your pup has a flea allergy what did the vet say his/her reason was for not wanting Cocoa to be on a flea prevention?
yes i would consider other foods,any ideals?
Do you have something like a Petco close by? Or any feed stores?
we have pet smart,might be a petco too,
There are a number of possibilities.

The sparse coat sounds like it may be thyroid or hormone related which would require a blood test to diagnose.

You mentioned red circular spots, that could be ringworm.

The skin sounds like it may have a yeast or fungal infection which would require a special shampoo. If the other dogs are starting to develop problems, it may be mange.

Like others have mentioned, a food allergy is possible. Many allergic dogs respond well to fish & potato formulas. At petsmart you can find a few allergy formulas, either by natural balance or blue buffalo along with a few other companies.

I have also seen a lot of dogs react to OTC flea prevention meds such as hartz and sergents. Are you positive they are free of fleas? If he does have a flea allergy it would only take one bite to set off a reaction.

I would definitely recommend a second opinion, it sounds like your vet isn't doing much to diagnose the problem.
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the spots are in a circle like shape,but not a complete circle the redness is on the skin.although, cocoa's skin is now very rough/hard and looks black on his back,tail and upper back.
I think instead of trying various things, even trying a flea medicine right now, if this were my dog I would get my dog to a specialist. It is not going to be cheap. But trying a bunch of different things has a way of adding up financially as well, as does going back to the same old vet, who clearly isn't helping.

I would immediately get my dog on better food. And I understand that you've tried better foods. But I'm talking about "Better" for YOUR dog, so we need to pick a food that might work to help the situation. I think that a simple food would be best for now. Natural Balance is sold at Petco and they make several foods for dogs that have allergies. In your shoes, I would try the Fish and Sweet Potato blend. It has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, which could really help your dog. And most dogs aren't allergic to fish, sweet potato or potato, the major ingredients. (Some are, but most aren't.)

Then, check out this website. Particularly, you'll want to check out "Find a Dermatologist."

Your dog's problems *might* be as "simple" as some very serious allergies that are relatively easily managed with proper diet, or medicine, or allergy shots (or a combination). He may also have a fungal infection to go along with that. This can look like dark black splotchy skin as well (Usually easily cleared up with medicine). Or ringworm. He could have thyroid problems, or Alopecia X. (I would print up the webpage Lisa provided and bring it in to the dermatologist as well). But a dermatologist is going to be the expert to get you headed in the right direction.

My experience is that often dog owners spend a lot of time (and money) with our regular vets because we're convinced that specialists will cost us huge money. But the thing is, specialists often can look at the problem and often figure it out quickly (and solve it quickly) whereas regular vets kind of diddle around, trying to figure it out on their own. They mean well, but on dogs like yours, they're just in over their heads. They should refer patients like Cocoa out. But they don't. So it's up to us to realize "enough is enough."

Instead of seeing just "another vet" (who, I assume, is another general vet?), I personally would find myself a dermatologist, even if it means driving a couple hours. It's obvious that you love your dog so much, and he does deserve better. And once you figure out what's going on with him, it's possible that you might get some clues as to what's going on with your other dog (it might be infectious and has spread from one dog to the other.).

I'm sorry that you're going through all this. It seems completely overwhelming.
You're not a bad dog owner. Things just have a way of getting out of control. Let's see if we can get them back IN control. Ok?
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Since several of us have mentioned possible thyroid problems, I thought you might find this link interesting.

Especially check out the survery they conducted of 162 confirmed hypothyroid dogs:
88% had some type of skin abnormality.
40% had hair loss
22% had skin infection - often dogs are scaly and smell due to excessively oily coat
PLUS some other symptoms you didn't mention.
thank you all for the advice,i will be checking out the web sites today. you know the state of mind i have been in lately,i never thought until now about a specialist,duh on my part.i am in columbus,ohio so finding one should not be hard. i only wonder the food mentioned above NB, my boxer mix is a big girl,healthy eater,i assume if it fills up a gh,it will fill her up to right? i have no problem switching foods.
one more question,is there a cause for a pek's toe nails to be black,but have afew white ones? just wondering....
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