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Please HELP ASAP (nonGSD)

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A friend of mine has a 1 year old male shih tzu, who is all of a sudden not walking, it started on his left back leg, and now to his there any way he might have hip displasia? What does she need to do until she can get him to the vet? Thanks!
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Someone please help, she's in tears over her precious Rajah.
I would call and emergency vet now. Have her call her vets office maybe there is an on call doctor
ok, anyone else know what might be happening?
here's a link to him walking, sorry from another board, she's just so upset.
Intervertebral Disk Disease?

ETA-if that is what it is the sooner she gets him in the better. One of the techs where I take my dogs had a dog with it and he's moving around now.

Definitely needs to go to an e-vet or the vet on call at her normal clinic.

ETAA: found a decent article about IVD(D)

IMOM may be open for business starting Monday, but they could contact them now. ALso care credit
Thank you
oh, he does not respond to pain when they touch his legs.
He needs to go to a vet now. He is counting on them to take care of him.

Was trying to think of a nicer way to say that, but could not.
ok, thanks everyone, she's calling the E-vet now...I'll keep you updated!
Sorry I can't offer any advice other than what everyone else has said. He needs to see a vet ASAP. I hope that Rajah is okay. Please keep us posted.
Look folks, when you have an emergency, call a vet - don't surf the web.
Originally Posted By: middleofnowhereLook folks, when you have an emergency, call a vet - don't surf the web.
You know what, I'm just trying to help a friend, she's 39 weeks pregnant, and I'm just trying to help!
Any update on how the little dog's doing?
Originally Posted By: ArycrestAny update on how the little dog's doing?
I'm trying to find out how he's doing right now, my friend has yet been online today! Thanks
Update....My Friend's dog, has started walking again, they live in Canada, and she was unable to get the dog into the vet, it being Sunday and all, so she is going to get up early in the morning and get him in tomorrow morning. Thanks for the help and concern!
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