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Not really a question. Just observations from playtime.

So we have a 1 yr old, Geo (unknown mixed need aka a mutt) and 8 week 3 day old Smokey. We've had Smokey since he was just under 7 weeks. The 2 of them get supervised "playdates" to help them get acquainted. They are separated when Geo is being too pushy, Smokey is getting over excited, etc. They love playing with each other to a degree. No aggression on either side.

Today, during playtime, Smokey and Geo were each chewing on toys. Neither one is got aggressive and as long as no one is actively playing with a toy it is fair game.

Smokey was a little more restless not knowing which toy to play with. He wanders off and picks up a piece of paper from under the couch (I did not know it was there or it would have gotten picked up beforehand). Geo came over and "told" Smokey he wasn't allowed to eat paper. I took the paper and they both wandered back to the toys.

Smokey, still unsure which toy he wants decided he wants petted. So he comes over to me. I reach down to pet him and Geo gets in between and fusses at Smokey trying to keep him from me. (Nothing overly aggressive)

At this point play time is over because neither one is allowed to claim a person and stop the other from playing with that person.

I think this happened because last time they played Smokey, overexcited, nipped my toe. It hurt so I reflexively yelled ow and pushed Smokey away from my toe and then said no. At that point Smokey was taken away for a calm down period.

It's fun to see the two of them playing and creating a relationship between eh two of them.
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