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Plastic or Wire crates?

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Just curious on others' experiences using crates at night. I'm now 0 for 3 using a plastic crate, in the house at least. Nikon, Ana, and now Pan all would shriek and howling and gnaw at the door of the crate ALL night long in my plastic kennel. Each one I switched to a wire crate and then voila! sleep w/o fussing. The plastic kennel is not too small, but I guess there is just something about it seems more like jail? Or maybe it's b/c I set the crate on the floor so in the wire crate they can see me in the bed?
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I use this crate for Rogue (the largest one they make) he is 26' at the shoulder, he can stand in it and he always sleeps curled up so he only uses half of his crate.

This is Sinister's crate, it was originally Rogue's but he started chewing the bottom and it was larger than the other crate and Sinister is 28' at the shoulder so I switched them.
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i had a similar experence with my GSD's plastic crate, my breeder had actually suggested the plastic rather than the wired crate. She would whine and carry on all night, my thoughts were about the same as yours that the plastic crate was too confined maybe? im not sure excatly what the problem was, but i switched to the wire crate and no more issues, she sleeps thru the night and even naps in there mid day its amazing, but im not complaining i actually get some sleep now lol
I had the opposite reaction.

Rogue came with his wire crate, he cried and barked alot the first night I had him and he chewed the bottom of it! He used his paw to grab the bottom of my comforter and he pulled it into his kennel and he ripped it to shreds! :mad: I made the crate switch to the plastic one the next night and we have had zero problems. :)

I wanted to add that his owner said he absolutely hated his crate, the wire one ( I witnessed that) but now he loves his plastic crate and he sleeps in it even when the door is open.
How about puppies? I'm really wondering about puppies still in the process of housebreaking and learning to sleep through the night. All my dogs will sleep in any crate I put them in after 4-6 months.
I got Sinister when he was 11 weeks old, I had him in a plastic crate up until 8 weeks ago (wire now). As he grew his crate grew.
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